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Welcome to Boyson’s Sausages Ltd.

My name is Lee Boyson, and I am a retired butcher.  I began my butchery career at the age of 15, completing my butchery apprenticeship with one of the finest master butchers in the industry, Paul Camelleri, after which I went on to work for a master sausage maker Chris Dawson, both whom I class as very close friends.

In 1983, at the age of 25, along with my family, we opened our first shop in Istead Rise, Kent.  In 1985 we expanded with two further shops, one in Longfield and the other in Valley Road, Gravesend.  Our emphasis had always been on quality and wherever possible Mum Boyson would make her home-made pies & pizza’s and dad would produce approximately 2000 sausages a week for the three shops

In 1985 I started entering Sausage competitions, apart from the fun element, it gave me the opportunity to vastly improve the business by winning the Kent Master Butcher’s Associations annual competitions, over 7 consecutive years and coming third in the country – out of 800 butchers.  I retired 8 years ago, having built up a great reputation within the butchery industry but, my desire to come back has been so great that I have decided to return into Sausage and Burger manufacturing, opening my own sausage factory and producing premium sausages and burgers, to supply local butcher shops, sports clubs, cafes, restaurants, event companies and pubs and clubs.

Here is a nostalgic look, taken from local newspaper cuttings, from when Boyson’s Butchers was establishing their award-winning recipes and creating all the headlines.  Let’s make some more.

Our Award Winning Recipes

We are now delivering Meat Packs

All of this for just £35

3lbs Sausages (6 Sausages to a 1lb). One pack each – Cumberland, Honey Roast and Boyson’s Original

3lbs Minced Steak

1 pack of 4x8oz Chicken Breast (4 Chicken Breast)

6×1/4lb 100% Steak Burgers

Make your own Pick n Mix Packs

1lb Minced Steak = £4

1lb Bacon = £4

1lb Sausages (6 Sausages) = £4

8oz Chicken Breast (4 Chicken Breast) = £7 or £2 Each

1/4lb 100% Steak Burgers (Pack of 6) = £5 or 90p Each

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